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What do Anne of Green Gables and your next Party have in common?

Did you grow up reading Anne of Green Gables like I did? Maybe you loved the dreamy descriptions of the lake of shining waters and violet vale just as much as hearing about her misadventures. Anne’s love of flowers makes her a kindred spirit of mine.

This quote from the book shows the transformative power of flowers:

Before flowers…

“The parlor at Green Gables was a rather severe and gloomy apartment, with rigid horsehair furniture, stiff lace curtains, and white antimacassars that were always laid at a perfectly correct angle, except at such times as they clung to unfortunate people’s buttons. Even Anne had never been able to infuse much grace into it, for Marilla would not permit any alterations. But it is wonderful what flowers can accomplish if you give them a fair chance; when Anne and Diana finished with the room you would not have recognized it.

After flowers…

A great blue bowlful of snowballs overflowed on the polished table. The shining black mantelpiece was heaped with roses and ferns. Every shelf of the what-not held a sheaf of bluebells; the dark corners on either side of the grate were lighted up with jars full of glowing crimson peonies, and the grate itself was aflame with yellow poppies. All this splendor and color, mingled with the sunshine falling through the honeysuckle vines at the windows in a leafy riot of dancing shadows over walls and floor, made the usually dismal little room the veritable “bower” of Anne’s imagination, and even extorted a tribute of admiration from Marilla, who came in to criticize and remained to praise.”

Many episodes in the book demonstrate the way flowers should be part of the everyday delight of life. Whether it is the minister coming to tea or the arrival of the famous author Miss Charolette Morgan, Anne never forgets to grace the table with flowers.

Like Anne, you can elevate your party with fresh flowers

Whether you host a baby shower, graduation, or summer BBQ beautiful flower arrangements will wow your guests and make the event more beautiful.

If you don’t feel prepared to make your own flower arrangements then let me do it for you. I can provide you with beautiful arrangements with seasonal flowers from the farm. I work with you on the color or look that you envision.

Large mason jar arrangements are $15 each and small jars are $10. I only provide this service during the summer months so don’t wait to reach out.

For more details download my event pricing below.

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