Willow Haven Flowers

Annika DeMaster - Business owner

I have lived on my family's organic vegetable farm for most of my life. Whether I’m in the field weeding and picking, or baking bread and pies for market I have always helped with the family business. Living on a farm has given me an entrepreneurial spirit and taught me how to work hard. Since I was 12 I’ve also had a little side ‘business’ making pies and cookies to sell at our farm market. Now, I’ve moved on to start growing flowers.

This business is starting because I want to go to college but I need a way to pay for it. My goal is to grow flowers to pay for my education. I have a passion for philosophy, the classics and classical authors. With my profits so far I've payed for the spring semester of my freshmen year. 


The Farm

Growing organically with no chemicals is an absolute must for Willow Haven Flowers. We are located on the property of Willow Haven farm, the organic vegetable farm that Annika grew up on. We use organic growing practices to ensure you receive the best quality flowers.

7686 Herber Rd.

New Tripoli, PA 18066

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