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Willow Haven Flowers

Annika DeMaster - Business owner

I have lived on my family's organic vegetable farm for most of my life. Whether I’m in the field weeding and picking, or baking bread and pies for a market I have always helped with the family business. Living on a farm has given me an entrepreneurial spirit and taught me how to work hard. Since I was 12 I’ve also had a little side ‘business’ making pies and cookies to sell at our farm market. Now, I’ve moved on to start growing flowers.

I started growing flowers because I wanted to go to college and I needed to pay for my education.  I have a passion for philosophy and the classics which is what I'm studying at my Liberal Arts college. With my profits, I have been able to pay for my last three years of college.   

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5 Ways to Make Cut Flowers Last Up to a Week Longer in the Vase

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The Farm

At Willow Haven Flowers, all our flowers are certified organic. Why does certified organic matter for flowers? After all, you don't EAT them. What's the big
deal? Growing organically changes the whole attitude you have towards the earth. It protects
wildlife, enriches the soil, and makes the land more sustainable. Our flowers are for people who care about the world around them. 

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