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About the CSA

Flower CSA Questions

What does the flower CSA cost?


It costs $190 for 8 weeks. This cost includes beautiful seasonal flowers and weekly emails which help you care for your flowers.  You also have the option to add home delivery to your flower order. 


What day/time will they be delivered?


Our delivery times are Wednesday and Thursday afternoons depending on where you live. 


Do I need to be home when the flowers are delivered?


No, we will deliver the flowers and set them out on the porch. If you would like you can have them delivered to your workplace.


Will the flowers be okay while I’m at work?


Yes! Don’t worry your flowers a delivered with a water source to keep them happy and hydrated for when you come home. 


What types of flowers will I be getting? What colors, styles, etc.?

You will be getting annual flowers including sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos, lisianthus, foxgloves, snapdragons, and more... If you want to get a sneak peek at what flowers I will be growing, download my free Flower Masterguide!


What size are the bouquets and how many stems will there be?


The bouquets will be a medium size and will have about 15 stems.


How do I care for my bouquet?


Watch this video where I show you how to take care of your bouquet.


How can I make my flowers last longer?


Download 5 free tips for longer-lasting flowers!

What if we are on vacation?

If you are on vacation during one of your delivery days you can either give your bouquet to a friend to enjoy while you are away or opt to have two bouquets delivered on one of your other weeks.


I don’t want flowers every week, is there another option?


If weekly flowers are too often for you, you can also buy flowers individually at Willow Haven Farm Market on Saturdays. If you have a specific request contact us!


Will they bring bugs inside?


They might. Since we are not using pesticides or other chemicals on our flowers we don’t guarantee that they are bug-free. We do try our best to make sure there won’t be bugs in the bouquets but there may be one occasionally.

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